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Headset Information

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Headset Information


If you need a headset for an online course, this is the page for you. In order to ensure clarity of sound during Zoom sessions, you will need to have a decent quality headset. Most modern headsets have built in noise cancelation technology, so it will not be hard to find an appropriate set to use with class. We do NOT recommend the bluetooth wireless headsets for Zoom because their sound can fade and drop out.


Features of headsets vary; some will cover one or two ears. We highly recommend the two earphone models for best sound quality. Different products will also have a choice of USB, analog stereo plugs or both to connect the headset to your computer. We HIGHLY recommend USB headsets for two reasons: 1. they are generally good quality and 2. they are easier to configure.


There are two main options for students to purchase headsets:


1)      Option 1: Buy them online from a site like Amazon. Go to and search for USB headset. There are several to choose from. A few examples are below.

Logitech H340 - $20.99

Logitech H390 - $24.99


2)      Option 2: Go to a nearby store like Micro Center or Walmart and buy something off the shelf. Pricing at these stores is much more competitive than in the past. Many models are in the $30-40 range with some on sale for $15-25. The examples you see below are Logitech headsets since it's such a popular brand. Any brand with similar options will work fine with Zoom.


Logitech                                     Logitech

Some suggested retailers (including links to USB headsets on their websites):

MicroCenter (by Bethel Rd & 315)

Best Buy



If your computer only has USB C ports, you can buy USB A to C adapters like this to let you plug your headset into your computer. You can also try a USB C hub that has USB A ports on it.

If you still have questions about what type of headset is appropriate for your course, please contact

(Information on this page is for reference only. Retailers may change price or availablility at any time without notification.)